Clip Close Handle Bags

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Clip close handle bags are one of our most popular products. The handles for our clip close handle bags are manufactured on site and so they are available in a large variety of colours, ensuring that you are able to find one to suit your needs. Handles are made of two parts that clip together (hence the ‘clip-close’) to form one comfortable handle. Once clipped, the handle is then heat sealed to the bag to ensure maximum strength. These bags are a perfect low cost high quality product and have multiple marketing and functional uses.


The options for these bags do not stop with the handles.

  • All of our polythene bag styles are available in sugar cane, biodegradable and recyclable materials.
  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • Multiple colour options are available.
  • Multiple styles are available, including side and bottom gussets.
  • In terms of printing, there are multiple options available: full-colour digitally printed, flexographically printed (up to 6 spot colours) or foil printed.

    Clip Close Handle Bags Options

    Bag Colour








    For Pricing make sure to select something for each option above and a quantity.
    Option Selected
    Prices above are based on average ink coverage, up to 30%. For higher ink coverages please contact us.


    Please upload your artwork or bag design. Include any notes about the bag or design below. One of our skilled designers will provide a proof of your bag before production. All orders require sign off of the bag proof.

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