Duffle Polythene Carrier Bags

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Duffle carrier bags are always in high demand. They are a particularly effective marketing tool for the exhibition and promotional market and are very popular with retailers as they are often re-used by customers extending their promotional life. Duffle carrier bags are made using a single piece of rope, threaded through the bag and tied through a eyelet in the bottom corner, allowing the bags to be drawn closed and worn over the shoulder. The “double duffle”, or rucksack, can be made with two ropes to be worn across both shoulders at the same time. Some of our duffle customers include; The Rolling Stones, various universities and the London Marathon.



As with all of our products there are multiple options available for these bags to meet your individual needs:

  • All of our polythene bag styles are available in sugar cane, biodegradable and recyclable materials.
  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • Multiple colour options are available for the bag and the rope.
  • In terms of printing, there are multiple options available: full-colour digitally printed, flexographically printed (up to 6 spot colours) or foil printed.

Duffle Polythene Carrier Bags Options

Bag Colour

Rope Colour



Rope Sides





For Pricing make sure to select something for each option above and a quantity.
Option Selected
Prices above are based on average ink coverage, up to 30%. For higher ink coverages please contact us.


Please upload your artwork or bag design. Include any notes about the bag or design below. One of our skilled designers will provide a proof of your bag before production. All orders require sign off of the bag proof.

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