At Donlevy Packaging, we care about the products that we manufacture.  Because of this, we complete the full manufacturing process on site, including film extrusion, printing (digital, flexographic and hotfoil), conversion, injection moulding (for production of clip-close handles), hand-finishing of rope handled bags, at our factory in Somerset.


The production of all of our polythene bags begins with pellets of low-density polythene, which are heated, mixed with colourant (if required) and then extruded, under high pressure, through a heated die into a six metre high “bubble”.  The film slowly cools and is then reeled as sheets of polythene.  Film is extruded in various thicknesses and widths as required.


Yellow on the reel


Reels of film or paper are then printed on either our flexographic or digital printing press. The flexo press is used for printing spot colours, up to six, on a large range of print cylinders using printing plates.  Our brand new digital printing press offers the opporunity to print CMYK/full colour prints without the cost of printing plates.  This revolutionary process allows for short/high quality prints to be economically viable.

Flexographic printing

pru on the press-1

Digital printing

Theodore on the press


Reels of printed film are then converted into bags/sacks or carrier bags across a large range of converting machines which can produce our full range of products: patch, flexi-loop, duffle carrier bags, sacks, mailing bags or side gusseted bags for hand finishing with clip-close or rope handles.  We injection mould deluxe clip close handles on site, in a range of sizes from 250mm to 600mm in a huge range of colours.

Dulux machine 1


Handles picture


I follow the trust


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